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Friday, April 13, 2007

what happened next

remember the little trees I planted not to long ago?
Did they survive? are they doing fine? It's spring here,
we are in the range of 23 degree celsius and the whole
countryside is blooming. Last week it was the cherries, the week before
that was pear trees and some types of plums...
this week is apple, oranges and susine plum.

My babies are doing their part too and they became quite beautiful.
Everybody said my Chestnut would not survive but I think, so far,
he's doing a heck of a job.
what do you think?

he stretched his little green leaves to the sun and seems to be
very happy.
On the other hand my little Shiro plum is not second best. He seems to
be enjoying the nice weather very much. I doubt I'll eat any shiro plum this year
he is still too young... nevertheless he bloomed.

Because they are doing so fine (and the olives too, btw) I decided to buy them some friends
so now I have trees surrounding all the edges of the Orto (vegetable garden).
We planted two almod trees and one Kashi pear tree.

I say we but I should say... they did... for I only carry the wheelbarrow around with the shovels and the trees on, then mariotto does the job and I just help him cover up the holes.
Not that I couldn't dig... but he thinks I cannot and my motto is: do as little as you can and that little bit let others do it for you! LOL

So there he goes digging.

He brought a "not so little helper" who dag a pretty deep hole.
Not round enough but, hey, the guy is visually impaired and actually came with us to "see" the countryside.
Actually when he touched the walnut flowers he didn't want to leave the tree anymore.
have you ever seen a walnut flower? It looks like a caterpillar.

So now that trees are surrounding the orchard and the mole is gone I am growing fava beans.
they are still a little small... but in a couple of weeks they'll be ready.

I tried some of them... they are tiny but sweeeet! XDDD

We are currently enjoying a lot of wild asparaguses.
(is there a plural for asparagus or did I just make it up?LOL)
My dad seems pretty happy about it.
Actually I am the happiest... becase they make awesome frittata.
See how thing they are? Oh, Oliver it's asparagus season and I won't get to make Asparagus creme for you, so sad... these are not good for cream though, they are too tasty so their death is definitely an egg and a hint of truffle.

And for those who are wondering which one is the most beautiful flower in the world...
I am sorry to disagree with Japan, for sure cherry blossoms are pretty and they show off a lot...
But there is nothing as elegant, as beautiful and refined (because there's so little fo them and they stand out immensely amongst the dark green leaves) of a cotogno apple flower.

See for yourselves.

Dont' they look like water lilies on branch?
See the beautiful pink nuances on the bright white..

Sure they don't stand out as a fully bloomed cherry tree.
But isn't the size and sparseness creating a superbe pattern of white, green and pink?

So elegant! I love it!

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