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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I just heard the news... i can't believe it!
I can personally say goodbye to all that made me dream as a child.
Him and Frank, best friends for life, wrote one of my favorite books: the Illusion of life.
And Franki and Ollie had been Disney for ages... oh the things they could do!
Now he was the last one, he was 95 and it's all gone.

That golden age is never to come back. We knew it but to actually see it, it's different.
Goodbye and thank you, Ollie
thanks for coming to this world,

questo doveva essere un post allegro, qualcosa che parlasse di una videorecensione del mio
libro ma passerà a domani. Ollie Johnston ha lasciato questa terra, l'ultimo frammento della vecchia scuola disney... l'ultimo rappresentante di tutto ciò che mi ha sempre fatto sognare
e in cui ho creduto.

è tutto finito, la fine di un'era...

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