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Monday, May 03, 2010

Napoli Comicon 2010
I already posted pictures of my purchases at the comicon... I honestly had wanted to meet Maconi and Scoppetta but could not see them... I was happy to see Paolino Cossi instead, since it had been so long.

To my surprise The Spirit was on show at the first floor of the Castel Sant'Elmo and I almost fainted in front of the original drawings by Will Eisner (there was also an exhibit dedicated to Diabolik, Noir Comics and new emerging artists)... but allow me.
I've had a crush on The Spirit when I was a kid - I still think him adorable - so to see the actual drawings was a big surprise and my heart skipped a beat!

I need to become a better stalker, though... last year at Lucca Comics I could not talk to Cyril Pedrosa.. but maybe I just need more motivation. For instance... if Alary or De Pins were to come nearby where I'm at... I would follow them all the way to the bathroom for sure! XDDD

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