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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Monitor kaputt!
My hands hurt... I was given a deadline by the 3rd of July and honestly with the storyboards approved today I could make it only if I were really able to finish one page per day.
Now to color something so detailed in one day, I wonder if I am able to... honestly I haven't even chosen a color scheme yet, nor a style.
I am trying to finish the pencil tonight and I have done 6 pages out of 8... well 5 1/2 but my hands hurt so much.
I don't even know why I am rushing... my desktop PC does not have a working monitor at the moment... at least I thing the problem is the monitor since I tried connecting it to the laptop and it remained black. The problem is... the desktop PC is connected to the scanner... and I need to scan these drawings in order to color them. So since I won't be able to fix it until tomorrow I wonder why am I rushing, tonight if I cannot scan the finished drawings tomorrow?
I don't know but somehow I have to get this done in very little time and I have no choice but continue to work until I figure out what to do tomorrow... maybe I'll just go to a computer shop, get my thing scanned and come back home then figure out how to fix the PC once I am done with this project.

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