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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Apparently these pictures were naked for Photobucket's filthy mind...
you are so filthy to think filthy of these images.
Do these violates your terms of services? Please do remove all the painting of naked ladies and men that have been uploaded to your website... those are naked too.

Ah but do keep pictures of women eating a banana with milk dripping from the corner of their lips... cuz that ain't porn! XDD

So, since this is risible and just plain hilarious... let me show you people with no genitals... I always knew... nipples are a problem to most filthy minds... the moment they see nipples they think bad! XDDD

Now I know, I won't upload artistic nudes on Photobucket anymore... I would risk to have get all excited about a simple charcoal drawing and that would make ME feel dirtied and violated.

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