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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

My dad turned 17!

He doesn't look like it but you should spend an afternoon with him and you'd figure out that he can probably drop the 1 as well and just keep the 7!
The cool thing about him is that, for being a 7 year old boy, he likes to learn new things... unfortunately he is a boy and is a bit slow at getting stuff.
Eventually around the 20th time you explain him something he'll get it.
But just think about it: he surfs the net (and got a huge trojan horse that probably killed his pc), uses word and excel (although his macros always read as viruses), he knows how to put music on his mp3 player (but 1 time out of 2 the thing doesn't obey for some odd reason... and decides to switch itself off).
He cooks (we fight over onions), makes coffee (when he doesn't microwave the left over from the morning... we fight over that too), he scans my drawings (and saves them the wrong format), he drives me places (and get honked by people cuz he drives close to the center line).
But no kidding, if I were to get his age, I don't know if I would be that energetic and clever. He can fix almost anything, specialized in AC installation and keep on learning new things.... except English, that he cannot do and read as if it were Greek.
We got him a cake and called a few friends over.
Of course there's always the ones who get there uninvited.
Especially the girl to the left who professes to love my dad very much and follows him around as if she were his shadow.
Unfortunately once she gets crunchies all the love is gone and she focuses on her true love: food.
The guy to the right is more or less like her pal in crime. But my dad doesn't mind, he calls them Ciccio and Ciccia (althouth I think they are called something like Fluffy and Comma) and uses a little bell to call them over. They are like pavlov's dogs... except they are more like Mario's cats!
I wonder why he doesn't calle them Pasquale - he calls almost anything Pasquale!

The cake was bought at our favorite pastry store.
Bella Roma.
They said it was a hazelnut cake... there were hazelnuts in it but it was a sponge cake with cream (the type I really do not dig)... lucky for me they got small pastries too and those I ate plenty of.
The cake was cute but kind of hard to pierce with the candles...
He tried to put 17 on the cake... and when I told him: How cool you'll be 18 in 10 year, until then you better not drive....
He switched the candles around.

We went to the farm house and my father took care of the fireplace.
The house is freezing, believe you me, inside is colder than outside.
You could totally fall asleep and sleep through the day... in front of a fire like that.

I worked, instead, in a very uncomfortable position too, but I managed to do a little bit of what I had to do.

Luckily my dad knows other uses for a fireplace like that... and so he grilled bruschetta and sausage and was about to do pork chops too but let me tell you... after two slices of lasagna, roasted potatoes, mozzarella, salad, stuffed mushroom Sicilian style, artichokes and sausage (for people who eat meat) and a different selection of pickled vegetables Italian style... you won't ask for pork chops!
You ask for coffee!

After a nice group picture... with friends and relatives...

I dropped in the picture as well... and just looking at my dad from above I pondered....

Mario... is that powder sugar on your head?



Ptù, ptù! =^- oooooh!

It wasn't sugar!

Hey are you really 71? No way!

There won't be Italian translation for this post! :P get a life.
Questo post non sarà tradotto in italiano.


Kurachan said...

deda, tu e tuo padre siete due gocce d'acqua!!

Tsuku said...

Anche se in ritardo, TANTE ANGURIE a Mario che se la spassa alla grande *v* la torta invesce me sa che a me sarebbe piciutissima *Q* sbav