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Friday, May 29, 2009

The after-math of the Final!

Apparently the police managed to keep the waters calm the other day... and apparently most of what went wrong was hidden so that the World could praise the wonderful job done by security...
What they didn't tell is:

- 72 people were arrested for selling alcohol even though the law said not to.
- 4 drunken British supporters decided to jump into the Tiber and take a swim... too bad they were too drunk and the firemen had to come up with some sort of rescue team for them.
- a couple of dozens of stores downtown were smashed.
- people jumped into the fountains to celebrate causing damages to the monuments.
- an American tourist was mistaken for a British supporter and got stabbed.

It could have gone worse but... it could have gone better as well.
The city transportation was affected: subways and buses didn't work all that well and some lines were blocked.
People who lived in the city and worked downtown could not work ever since the morning of the final because people were cheering, singing and smashing things making noise (drunk) since the earlu hour of the day... not caring for the fact that their celebration happened on a week day... AND PEOPLE WORK!

If I were to tape the curses that the next day the cleaning people were muttering... I would start now and end next week. The city was a junkyard!

Rome is not a clean city and the Romans keep it filthy but downtown is usually a spotless jewel (except for cigarette butts between the paving stones)... on behalf of those who care for the city, use trash cans and yell at the tourists not to climb over the lions on Piazza del Popolo cuz: 1) It ain't your home, buddy, and you can't do what you like 2) those things are getting shiny from erosion and marble gets infected but skin's bacteria....

I would like to say:

Thank you for trashing a place which is not yours... and I would like to remind you that the saying "when in Rome do as the Romans" does not mean you can damage fountains and smash windows and be unpolite! (<--- this is sarcasm, in case you haven't noticed).

Rome has been invaded and ransacked by Barbarians hundreds of times... you won't be the last ones!

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