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Thursday, May 21, 2009


For all of you who will find themselves in Rome on May the 27th and can read this.

The city will be crowded with British Hooligans and therefore will be veeeery dangerous.

Don't go to the train station in Termini and don't use the Subway.
On the 27ththere will be over 10.000 supporters who'll get to Rome and try to get a ticket to the game... and won't find it. That's because, let's get real, the Stadium capacity can take only so many idiots in after which the level of idiocy would make the structure collapse. And even though there will be people willing to pay half or a full paycheck in order to go see the game - with this crisis! - they will not find tickets. Therefore... People with no tickets will roam the streets of Rome and will be pissed and probably will try to get into a Bar and watch the game getting drunk.
If I remember correctly there will be NO ALCOHOL SELLING ON THAT DAY and bars will close and liquor store won't open at all. That means that some of these folks (because others may manage to get drunk in restaurants) will not be able to get drunk - their second favorite sport after soccer - and will be very very angry.

Trust me you don't want to find yourself in the path of an angry hooligan.

The city of Rome has established escorts and a guided path to the stadium that most hooligans must be forced to follow. Usually POLICE takes them to the stadium by bus. Unfortunately there's too many of them and they will always find a way to avoid police.

No matter how hard the Police has tried to escort them and protect the city in the past few years... EVERYTIME HOOLIGANS HAVE COME TO ROME THEY HAVE TRASHED IT! Every year a little less, yes, because we learn no to let them roam free too much and the police tries to contain them and keep the damage to the minimum. The ill intention is on the supporter's side though and if it were for me I would totally forbid the soccer league to have their shity finals over here. Will you pleeeeease build a stadium in a desert and drop them there to kill each other in a uncivilized manner without us citizen getting involved?

Now Rome isn't the tidies and safest city in the world, it is not. But to have people come from the outside, trash it and then say we are the dangerous ones makes me really really mad!
I am the first one to say Italians don't deserve Italy, they don't keep it well and they are deep inside a third world nation type of population (as if good manners and ethic had never entered their homes).... soccer supporters are the worst kind too but the British Hooligans are THE WORST type of supporters. Common sense doesn't live in their heads. All they know is violence.

I have seen Rome trashed so many times. To see them climb on monuments and destroy stores and bars doesn't thrill me at all.

That is why I reccomend you don't come to the city on that day. This is an age of needless violence in places were wealth created more problems than good things... because people doesn't even know how to fight for things with intelligence and why they should do it.
I think this crisis'll teach a things or two to these fellas. But when it comes to sport that is the most useless type of violence.

Soccer as a sport has died in the 90's. After that it's become something else: business, corruption, mafia and so on.
Now to make this type of thing the center of your life is pretty damn stupid - that's how I see it. Spend your life in a more useful way and use your faith to believe in the goodness your arms would do if they were to cultivate the soil! Go grab a shovel and dig, you sucker!

But since soccer is also a substitute for war, cuz men are in need for sheer violence, please don't call yourself part of nature and don't get surprised if nature kills you to get rid of you: you are a dangerous little thing. Not even animals kill without a reason, there's always a reason for violence in nature... men have a bacteria type of conduct and that is why they manage to be violent for the sake of it.

Don't call yourself a man because you beat your enemy to pulp with an iron pipe. All that strenght and pent up energy you should use it for something useful... else you are no different than a cow pulling a chariot. You are just strong but that's not a quality.

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