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Friday, August 28, 2009

Why! Deda loves Americans!

Hi Shelley!!!
Thanks for the pencils again.
I wish prismacolor were easy to find in Italy!

They work so nicely on the moleskine's sketchbook!

I met this nice lady on a Eurostar train once. We stated talking - she and her husband were going to Rome. We had 2 hours to kill and I gave them tons of information. She took my address and said she would send me a "thank you gift". When I got back in San Francisco I forgot about it.
After I moved back to Italy Oliver sent me a message and told me I got a package: she had sent me a nice package with prismacolor's stuff inside!
It had been so long. She had lost and then found my address again and managed to find the time to fill a promise she had made long time before: I will send you our best products since you've been so nice.
I managed to thank her via email after long time as well, since it took me a long time to finally receive my package from the U.s..
Just recently Oliver ran into her and took this picture for me and it made me smile and moved me deeply to see the message on the paper.

Italians used to have these types of bonding too, they don't anymore... I miss the fact that people can give you their heart with a simple smile. The trust, the friendliness, they joy of simple conversation.

I think the only place people engage in conversation easily is still the train, of course to complain all together about something - because if everything goes well everybody mind their own business.

This morning I went to the post office and as I got out of it I felt the floor moving under my feet. It was one of the strongest vertigo I had in years... I was searching for my left foot but could not find the pavement. So I looked for a wall and said: woah, the heck! What a vertigo...
I somehow managed to lean against it and shake my head.

The guy right behind me looked at me and passed by. He didn't even ask me: are you okay?

These are the days where I think: how I miss it... back home!

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