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Monday, February 09, 2009

Sometimes sundays do come on a sunday.

When that happens my mom decides to make something and we have fun cooking.
This last sunday she opted for hand made Tagliatelle. It took about 20 minutes to make them: she put flour, eggs, salt all together, made little balls and used her pasta machine to make the dough feel right and flat, then turned it into stripes. She made it on the saturday and left it to dry overnight on a board.
On the next day she prepared two sauces: tomato sauce with green peas and white sauce with green peas and mushrooms

Now let's say home made pasta has nothing to do with the stuff you buy.
It stays al dente, it's nice and chewy, it fills you up like crazy and leaves you with this "ooooh so good feeling" all over and around your tummy. Ha ha ha.

I ate a full dish of it and decided to skip second course to jump directly to dessert.

Like all good Sicilians my mom knows how to make strudel... Hahahaha, yeah right! Nooo, strudel is the least Sicilian thing you may find but nevertheless she can make it.

It kinda taste like american apple pie, which I miss... a lot!
It's nice and sour, with apples and cinnamon and this white grape that is not too sweet.

Put some nice expresso coffee to top it all, this was my sunday!
It's good to have sundays come on a sunday, every once in a while.

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