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Monday, February 02, 2009

It is possible everything I say right here right now will be commented elsewhere by people with no lives and no recognition of reality whatsoever. (But do yourself a favor, get your only life instead of lurking on mine, I am not writing this for you to read or because I think something of you, particularly, I am writing to say: sheesh some warnings need to be taken and some advices too O_O I will for crissake!).
I have to say I am fast moving away from comic because of some...readership. It has gotten shallow and mask pretentious thoughs with fancy smanzy words that lead nowhere truly while most of the time there is nothing to discuss about except girly things and unfortunately the market keeps producing stuff that allows no other type of reflection in the eye of the product rather than silly fangirlism to move the whole machinery, with no foundation whatsoever excpt: taking side is more important than liking the thing per say. It's creeping on us continuosly and the number of things that truly have story, concept and themes decreases... the wallet thanks Thee for that, Lord!
The funny thing it to see this people fight over fiction characters as if they were more important than war, starvation and immigrants getting burned by bored children of a wealthy family... and probably it's better to see these fangirls vent their frustration badmouthing each other like chicken in a hen pen rather than see them toss rock from a bridge onto cars. Deep down you know, cuz they always tell you one way or another, it's all about personal stuff that cannot be solved in no other way than on these weird fictional grounds.  Stick to your guns to the end, even if you don't really think it. Lah!
But then again why wasting time analyzing stuff that's shallower than my toilet... instead of creating something? Rather than getting bored with stories written on paper that could have been used for more noble purposes, such as toilet paper, I'd like to withdraw and enjoy the ride while other make of me a laughing stock which I'd rather be more, than belonging to a ditch of ignorance as it stands in front of my eyes.
Honestly it I may point out an example that makes me laugh eeeevery single time these people are writing with beautiful but meaningless phrasing comments about stories that are just made of fried words and shallow emotions... they think to be the one laughing unfortunately when one laughs on one side there's always the other side laughing too - plust a third party which laughs at them both (which might be me cuz all I aske was to follow direction and rules). Lucky me I agree with Elanor Rosevelt on a great deal of things, including the fact nobody can make me feel inferior and that dialogue is impossible with people who cannot get a grasp on reality.
These things should be a gym to life but nobyd ever see them as that... they go and look for consolation and confrontation elsewhere, abroad and don't know that what goes around comes around and that from abroad things come back to me with funny labels "those crazy Italian fangirls - cant stand them". Gee, what are the limits of one's delirium?
In fact if reality stresses people up it should be rewarded as a normal thing and the proof that one is alive... to get stressed over a comic and attacking other people who think the opposite than you is not only bad but truly convinces you that you were lucky enough never to spend too much time been absorbed by crap written by other when you could write and create your own with intelligence, sense of humor and a great deal of irony.
TV, comics, books, too much of everything digested the wrong way makes you stupid.
It is not how you read, what you read but the way you cope with it and how you relate this passion connecting with life.
If people abroad agrees with you it's because they don't know what to say then and there... just beware you think you are dealing with someone who thinks like you... but you are being etnocentric!
Truth is what comes as a yes yes, you are right... return to other ears as: is it true that?
Until it becomes as: I can't believe that.

Some people have been around a little longer... long enough to know, to hear and quit on you. When a cause is hopless only life can adjust you. Get real start a political party over a story/character/Tv show/movie wil make you look back in a few years and regret the time you wasted thinking when you could have been out there living.
e la divina ispirazione vien da ciò:

"perchè solo gli scemi stanno in un posto che giudicano male.. io da FMAPlanet me ne sono andata, ed ero moderatrice, cioè se una cosa non ti piace te ne vai"

XDDD Anchan sei un genio!

Ma ogni microbo sguazza bene nel suo brodo di coltura e loro hanno scelto quello. La vita è fatta di scelte. Non mi interessa sapere cosa pensano di me... io di loro non penso proprio niente  - citando Baldassarre sono il capitano e questi dettagli sono pulci sul culo di una mucca.
Certo sono cazzate alimentate da teorie complottiste stile x-files nate da mere beghe personali che potrebbero risolvere altrimenti lasciandoci fuori, eh, se fossero persone in grado di farlo - ma a te te ne frega qualcosa? A me no, finché non mi tange - a me non riguardano e non mi ci tiro dentro. Ho veramente di meglio da fare con la mia vita.
Concordo con te... fa male alla salute, ma è la loro salute chi se ne frega?

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