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Thursday, March 11, 2010


One who doesn't know me, might think that I am super obsessed with food and eating. Truth be told... I don't like to eat. I eat to live I don't live to eat... but I think that cooking is an art!
I am always charmed by the way food looks... to think how many millions of years must have taken to go from raw meat and vegetables to these complex looking dishes!

Here's a cauliflower frittata, for example... mixing egg and cauliflower and cooking them on both sides to make it flat and round like a dish... who came up with this idea?
Or pasta con le sarde.
take bucatini (spaghetti with a hole in them), add a tomato paste made by drying the sauce in the sun, saffron, fresh anchovies, wild fennel, pine nuts and raisins... then toast bread crumbs and put them on top.... who came up with this complicated dish and thought... fish, plus fruits, plus nuts = good!
Fascinating, don't you think... well even the idea of making a hole into spaghetti is an amazing concept! What difference does a hole make?

Then you can apply something so complex to something more simple.... because you change the type of pasta and instead of the complicated sauce you just put green cauliflower. Raisins and pine nuts still apply.
But still this isn't the end of it... on the side you make a soffritto of onions and once they caramelize you put them on top of your plain, dry sauce... why prepare it on the side? It beats me.
And the cheese has to be pecorino.

Cooking is an art, it's science and art at the same time!

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