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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Palazzo Braschi

I went to Palazzo Braschi to visit an exhibit about the Carnevale Romano.
No pictures were allowed, except in the atrium and 2nd floor.
It's sad because the paintings about the Moccoletti and the Confetti and the Race were amazing.
Reading from books (like The Count of Montecristo) I only knew about the flower bouquet, the confetti and the moccoletti and had no idea there was a horse race too, connected to the celebration... and it was very much like the Palio of Siena: from piazza del Popolo to Piazza Venezia, they would start behind ropes (canapi) and be stopped by the barbareschi (horse keepers) on the other side.
No jockey, just the horses!
What I liked best, probably, was the fact that the exhibit had a music in the background, that was the Carnevale Romano by Hector Berlioz (a piece that I always liked a lot!)

Anyway... I didn't get much of the story of the building, except that it belonged to a clergyman.
The second floor had this wonderful fake chinese room with this painted "chinese style" celing and... fake chinese writing! It was adorable!

This is Achilles up here... one of the many decorations!
You could also see Piazza Navona from the windows which was amazing... and also made you understand that this Braschi priest guy... was really rich and powerful!

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