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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day!

Some say Earth is a rock crawling with life.

I tend to believe this rock is plenty alive.

I went to the planetarium the other day and it showed me the galaxies in motion...

...they lookes like micro organisms, the ones you see in water.

They swim fast in their broth... so do the galaxies.

To us, puny little beings, that takes millions and millions of years and we
are gone in the blink of an eye or even less.

We are but speckles of dust on a small part of something really big, so big that we don't see it.

And maybe it is so big it is really swimming in our glass. What do we know?
The micro organisms we see in water are probably some other universe's galaxies and there's life on them.

It's a fractal. Who knows how many universes we destroyed when drinking a glass of water and who knows how many millions of years of history live in a few seconds, right there, in our glass.

One day will be transformed in the same way. Somebody will drink our glass and we'll be left wondering what life is about and why it is... life!

But since it is NOW that matter, we want to be there when that will happen... so let's keep our planet safe. I'd like to think it's an important part of the Universe, even though it's just a speckle of dust, just because it is there!

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