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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Too much manga can Kill you...
and I thought it would just drive you poor.

Troppi manga possono uccidere.... non solo la saccoccia!

And how we where complaining recently that the market had a huge crisis and all, I think today, thanks to the Italian TG5 (the 8 o'clock news) and some other random British newspaper the sales will go down even more and I will be frowned upon as potential murders since I hold in my hand a copy of Alpen Rose! (shalalalllllaaaa!).
So because a few months ago, one crazy American Girl, one Crazy Italian boy and another crazy don't-know-where-from (since he appear to be African but naturalized Italian) boy... killed a british girl. They were clever enough to clean everything with bleach, hide the weapons and never confess. Our investigation sucks, if you don't find the culprit in one month in Italy you never will - ever again!
Of course since nothing was going on and the newscaster were getting bored they were climbing up the mirrors so they came up with something really cool: see these? these are the cover of the same manga these guys used to read! They all portayed violent actions, rapes and people not very sociable! Mpd Psycho, TriguM (yeah with an M) and urutsudoji and Devilman.

Can you imagine my jaw drop in my plate?

But let us describe the story, in one of the Akira Fudo is a weak high school student who sees a friend of his being raped and does nothing.
Excuse me, I thought Devilman was about that cool guy, Akira Fudo, who decides to merge with a demon in order to save the world - kinda like that...- I also believed all the bad stuff are done by people during a war and I think is a social type of critique: men can be worse than demons when they are scared.

I never thought manga were done to give you ideas, then what about all the terrorists movies, the horro movies, the soap operas and books like fight club? Does the fault happens to be on the writer who tries to make a point or on the reader who does not get it?

Take me for example: I consider Devilman a masterpiece. Do I go around killing people? How comes I turned out vegetarina, organ donor, and subscribed with wwf and greenpeace? Did the manga tell me to do it?

Should I go around killing because of what I read? Shoulnd't I be going around being upset because they do this instead!!!

Transforming Hataraki Man (Working Man) into... Tokyo style... that sounds like a cooking book. Turning the image on the cover into nonesense since they removed informations from it.
And what do they do? Instead of showing what the comic is about
they tell me.

what about: Show, don't tell?
Wasn't that the basic of storytelling and advertizing?

What about all those tangents, the spotty feel of if, and that cropping?

The joke's on us: this thing will cost 9 euros and they said that the author gave approval and chose the name... how did they get to the author and how comes she does not mention this on her blog?

If people think that content can bring a man to kill... they have never dealt with some Italian Publishers!

La TV non fa male
ti dà l'informazioni
ma pure al criminale
sa dare ispirazioni.

Me dici che leggendo
un manga io mi trasformo
in un pazzo tremendo
e uccido e i piani sforno

per donne massacrare
come da manga letto
le posso anche stuprare
e dò la colpa a Tetto.

però la candeggina
per ripulire il fatto
non era un'ideina
del manga che di fatto

fa le carneficine
combatte a tutto spiano
non è sagace e fine
ma critica l'umano.

Se CSI ti guardi
invece ti istruisce
che quando fai sti sgarbi
poi dopo si pulisce.

se beautiful tu vedi
allora cosa fai?
trombi la zia e cedi
la moglie al suo viavai?
La figlia e la cognata
la zia e la nonna cambi,
io che non sono ingrata
non vuoi che ti domandi
a chi so figlia io
se per ispirazione
come ridge mio
tu cogli l'occasione?

parliamone su dai
ma proprio seriamente
se tu uno scoop mi fai
lo pensi veramente?
Davvero hai letto il tutto
e poi non hai capito
che in tutto quel trambusto
là si puntava il dito?

puoi dirmi quanto vuoi
che l'uomo fa cagare
ma scelgo go nagai
perché lui sa accusare.

dice: tra uomo e demone
qual è il più marcio dentro?
La bestia nata tale
o quella diventata?
tu che ti fai ste remore
e non sai fare centro
fai il giudice morale
ma dici una boiata.

Signori la purezza e già un punto di vista
se mangi carne o magni monnezza, per me sei sulla lista.
Anch'io li leggo i manga e son vegetariana,
son donatrice d'organi, sono pulita e sana.

Se uno nasce male
il male poi vuol fare
può leggere il giornale
o quello che gli pare.

Non è quello che fai
che fa l'educazione
è quello che tu sei
che è la tua inclinazione.

e tu che tanto affanni
la critica sociale
dimmi fai meno danni?
sei uomo o caporale?

Chi è senza lo peccato
scagli lo primo sasso.
ma a chi hai discriminato
ha proprio rotto il...tasso (di sopportazione)


nimue said...

Parole sante/Holy words!

E purtroppo, Beautiful docet... lol

Nat said...

yeah, video games get the same rap. You can't read or play a game on how to become a psycho. You just are. But it is a bit surprising because manga has been around for so long in Italy that you'd think people were more educated about them. I guess you have 10 more years to go. In the USA, we have a generational gap where there are a lot of people in the news who have never played a video game before, still think they are toys for kids, and just believe any sensationalist thing said about them. There is a love scene in a recent game and some how it got blown into a fully interactive male on male homosexual and sodomistic simulator with customizable 'bits.' I hate the news sometimes. Most of the times.

Seya-kun said...

Beh dai, ogni tot di anni peggiorano la situazione.Nel 96 Sailor Moon faceva diventare froci, e ora questo fa diventare killer!!!
Che leggere Honey and Clover, ed in particolare Morita..faccia diventare psycho?