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Monday, July 07, 2008

U.s. is an island?

Apparently it is! Bulding walls wasn't enough.
It looks like students only get 3 months of OPT after they graduate from school, now.
Is a 3 months time period enough to get a job? It is not... unless you started looking on the first day of school, on year one!
It took me 3 years to fing my job and... less the a day to loose it because of bureaucracy. It takes less than a day to loose a permit.
So now... for sure it will be more difficult to have foreigners getting jobs that is cheaper to assign to Americans and this time around is "no matter how good you are". They preferred a convenient worked to a skilled one like me... If I cannot live in meritocracy then I am living a lie and so... right now that H1 have diminuished in number and OPT has gone down to 3 months only, I guess less talented people will get more work just because they are there. I have actually been told it was expensive to keep me. I have actually been told I was to expensive to hire. I have actually been told that if I didn't have already another kind of permit I should not even apply to a job no matter how good I was.
There are still a few people out there willing to risk and employ you but, truth be told, I know of more and more people who pay for the thing themselves in order to stay.

This will implement illegal immigration. Another lie I was not willing to live.
If I had to live a dream it had to follow my ethical ideals otherwise it's stained and who ever cares for a dream that's not 100% how they wanted it to be?
I'd rather have nothing that only a small percentage of what I wanted.

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