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Friday, December 11, 2009

December - Dicembre

The Alpes in the morning make the month of December the best one of the year... true there's going to be snow in January as well but the light is slightly different due to the position of the sun, I guess.

Another thing I think it gets prettier as Christmas approaches is Turin...

City of wonderful chocolate...
There's nothing as pretty as brown, dark chocolate against the red colors of Christmas decorations.

Of course the city has other attractions... let me mention that Piazza San Carlo around 3 p.m. feels like a movie set and makes you feel like a moviestar!

As for la Mole, which we all know to be the tallest brick made building in Europe... shall we say that it shines like a jewel around lunchtime?
The cool thing is that you can see it from almost anywhere, if you walk around donwtown.

Simply beautiful.

So how are you spending your wonderful, magical December?

I am making these, you can flip through them!

For boys:

For girls:

I think they would make nice presents for Christmas, they are personalized childrenbooks.
Are you giving books as presents this year? I sure am! *_*

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