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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Winter Wonderland - Part II

Campo del Sole - Bardonecchia!

I think I am a snow dog, like a Saint Bernard...
I am having so much fun with the snow this year!
Don't you think this is simply wonderful?

The light, the colors, the air... I so love it!

It was my first time on a chair lift... the air was so still! The light shining through the trees was stunning.

I had never seen icicles either! I had only seen them in movies and cartoons!
They look so unreal I had to climb on a pile of snow and get one!

This is the Dora river... eventually goes through the valley, Val di Susa, to reach the Po river (which is the biggest river we have in Italy, is born on the Alpes - Monviso mountain - and reaches the sea close to Venice)

The wind blowing the snow away from the mountaintops feels so light!

More of the Dora and Campo Smith!

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