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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Winter Wonderland!

I don't have stunning pictures of Val di Susa under the snow... like other people are on the web - Florence and Bologna under the snow is really something!

Snow should be the norm here but we had cold temperature (going around -11 Celsius), ice and fog.

I can show you what the Alpes look like in the morning.

The morning light is truly beautiful... it really gets you started on a beautiful day!

I have to say the cold too keeps you energetic and preppy! Ahahahahaha.

The lake of Avigliana, early in morning, looks unreal.

But what I love the most is getting to walk on frosted grass and feel the crack crack under my souls. *_*

So... as I said we didn't have much snow, although the TV said we'll see some in the next days, it spinkled a bit of this white stuff all over the place and the neighbor's cat left its paw prints...
You can see how shallow the marks are. The snow melted but pretty
soon the temperature went down so it all turned into ice.

Trying to walk on it turned out to be pretty difficult.

The road to Giaveno looks like a movie set... Sam Raimi, if you are watching this come and shoot your next horror movie here. *_*

The other side of the valley is nice and sunny... you can see from the Sagra di San Michele - the big church on top of the mountain to the left - all the way to Rivoli.

Although, driving down is still pretty difficult! XD

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