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Friday, January 08, 2010

Fiorenza Renda intervistata da Repubblica e in basso in un angolino-ino-ino la copertina che ho avuto l'onore di disegnare per il suo ultimo, bellissimo libro: Tutta Colpa di Omero (edito dai mitici di Jar Edizioni, ovviamente).

Se posso consigliarvi di leggerlo... fatelo. Oltre al fatto che ha un che di fumetto/sceneggiatura da film/commedia romantica, condito con tanta ironia... lo stile di Fiorenza è davvero brillante e scoppiettante e mi fa sganasciare (infatti è una degli autori emergenti che più preferisco e, per me, è degna erede di Wodehouse sia per i personaggi che si inventa che per la "consegna" delle battute). L'edizione poi è davvero di quelle serie, hard cover, con sovracopertina bella satinata... insomma un vero gioiellino in tutti i sensi!

Can you see that? At the bottom left corner? Is the book cover I designed for Fiorenza Renda's new novel: tutta colpa di Omero!

She was interviewed by La Repubblica (a very famous newspaper), she is a fantastic author after all, I love her brilliant writing... and my little drawing is there too! *_*

They are about to make a movie out of this story, I thin it would make a fantastic comic as well, like one of those surreal and funny graphic novels you read in about 30 minutes... laughing all the while.


Anonymous said...

Hi Deda.
How are you?
Sorry for posting this without reading anything what you wrote here.
Sorry for my rudeness.
I can't post(or read) anything recently.
I'm busy and... to tell the truth...
I am tired of writing something in foreign languages.
I ve'got a news concerned with Tezuka.
You may be interested in it... I don't know...
It says Mauricio de Sousa, Brasilian cartoonist, will begin to design the cartoon this year.
He wants to describe people who fight against violence coverd this planet and fight for solving the environment problem.
He has been a friend of Tezuka and they both have been planning to make a work together.
Tezuka's death stopped the plan but finally he decided to make the work by himself with his own characters and Tezuka's characters.
He got a permission to use Tezuka's characters in his new work from Tezuka pro.
The work will be published in Portuguese but de Sousa is planning to publish it in Japanese, too.
Maybe you will get more information about this comic at his site or other sites written in Portuguese.
See you. ^^

Sorry for my late greeting.
A happpy new year.


Anonymous said...

Addition... ^^