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Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Be smart, it's Facebook we are talking about!

(the one thing even its owner could not control for one day)

Excuse me if I am crude: if you do believe to this sort of things than you are dumb and deserved to be tricked.

Want to know why? I'll tell ya!

Facebook was created by an American kid almost as a game. It should have been one of those things (kinda like friendster and myspace) to help ex college's friends to keep in touch. It was useful between coworkers too. But still is a social network! Nothing more... and in the Us it does work like that, more or less. Somebody plays little games like Pet Society or Farmvill but they don't wast time to create dumb groups and fanpages for useless things, or at least they do it less than in Europe.

How do I realize the difference? My facebook page has a double life with a 9 hours jet lag. When I wake up in the morning I find all of my friends/relatives/ex-coworkers from the other side of the Ocean writing about stuff, updating statuses, uploading pictures... when it was daytime for them.

I start my day, with delight, replying to their posts, talking to them. Then this other side of the World wakes up and all kinds of cr*p starts showing up: x tt quelli k (for all those who... but written: 4 all ts oo)... I hate this and love that... I am a bit horny so I post romantic stuff on my wall (although it's not really romantic but just horny and I don't care if I pester other with my hormonal parties.

Then politics shows up. Someone sends you request to add this or that game or to do this or that test. THEN you get invited to groups that are absolutely created for spam and phishing!

Usually you get them from noobs. The net is waste and you never know what kinds of sharks you can meet in the waves while you surf... surfers are often attacked by sharks, aren't they? But if you act like a dead seal then you deserve to just attract the chance to be attacked by a shark, right?

So be clever. Trust is a serious thing, don't waste it around!

Just use your brains!

1) Facebook is an American product, most games aren't (playfish should be Scandinavian, more or less)

2) Americans are details oriented and hardworking planners.

3) Whenever Facebook has to announce something, usually it posts something on your home page.

4) The last time they changed something we kept having pop up messages for days!

5) Usually they upgrade without warning, so that the page will change right under your eyes and you can't do anything but accept whatever they are doing.

6) Even its creator was a victim to latest changed applied to Facebook (so much that all his privates pictures were available on the network for enough time).

7) WE are in Italy and think like Italians! But there are also other people out there that just can't wait to get ahold of your personal information/money, etc.. etc...

8) The best way to reach the biggest number of folk on the network, if you are not an engineer, is to create a group or a fan page... which is not an OFFICIAL CHANNEL.

9) Groups are easy to share, you invite people under request, and so forth... they spread like oil... but FB does not need to create groups, because they can harass you with pop-ups!

10) These kinds of groups, that make you believe you'd have a special membership, or special real money to play with games and so on... you have to report them! They have to close

Therefore... seen the argumentation so far we can say that:

Facebook would never use a group to announce special memberships and upgrades.... it facebook wants it will post something on your home page or it will go behind your back and share your information with google without letting you know! With or without your consent! Then it will tell you it's not true (so why bother to ask you to put your settings back if it does not make a difference?).

Facebook will appear on your home page or will not appear at all.

Everything else is the product of an insane mind that only wants money, your personal information to live with spam and phishing... GUARANTEE! (my friend just got his account hacked and sent private messages to all his contacts to invite them to make money with this and that website)

So all you have to to is REPORT THEM!

Right below share you shall find the link to report the page as spam or fake. Don't be silly and just remove yourselves and think: It's not my problem... it will be if comes back at you through your friends.

Facebook is not soiled it gets soiled! If you want to be on the network learn to respect the netiquette and if someone doesn't do it, you have to be moderators and keep it clean! If the environment is clean and calm we all live a better life!

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