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Friday, January 22, 2010

While I am in Sicily... I might as well enjoy it!

My auntie has to good habit of putting saffron almost everywhere... so when she makes potatoes stew... trust me, she makes it nice and parfumed and saffrony yellow! *ç*

She also takes good care of me and make Sicilian Pasta con le Sarde... vegetarian! This is supposed to have fish in it (fresh anchovies). She makes a special tomato sauce with this tomato paste they prepare in summer (by drying tomato juice in the sun with salt and nothing else), then she add saffron and wild fennel, plust pinenuts and raisins can never be missing in a Sicilian recipe.
The stuff on top is grated bread, toasted in a pan.

These are cardi.
My auntie cleans them, boils them a bit and then dip them in egg and breadcrums, add some cheese in it and deep fry them... kinda like a Milanese but with cardi instead of veal.

My mom's b-day was yesterday and we got this nice cake. This is called profiterol, it's made with beignet filled with whipped cream and the cream on the outiside is either coffee or chocolate.
It's very nice and light and it's not too sweet. It's my favorite dessert.

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