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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Cellphone pics of my apt. in Singapore.

I got here nicely, the trip was long and tiring and I almost missed the flight connection.
This is my second day here... and it rained a lot - actually I dunno if you heard that Orchard Road was flooded today: google it, crazy videos will show up.
I live in Ang Mo Kio, though, which is pretty far.

So this is my house here. In the previous Italian post I put a map to show how it looks like. It's sort of shaped like a P.
I have double exposure so nice wind goes through the house... so far... but soon Hell will fall over our heads.
To the left my kitchen balcony. To the right the single bedroom I gave to His Hignes (the little bastard though got a cable loose - during the trip - and now my i-sight camera isn't working. I'll see if NYP has a lab tech who could fix it for me real quick).

To the left my kitchen. Is shaped like and L... I am getting a bigger fridge soon.
The living room, sorry, fuzzy pic... is wide and would need a TV but I don't like TV so it will get plants instead.

To the left my master bedroom and to the right the view from the bedroom. I work in the middle building so it will take me 3 minutes to go to work in the morning. I get to go back home for lunch too!
I also have another bedroom with 2 single beds and two bathrooms.

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