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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Pet Society: drug.
This is Pandorino... he lives in pet Society an application of Facebook.
If any of you on Facebook wants to try Pet Society I'd reccomend... you don't!

Unilike some other games this thing is addictive due to the cuteness of the characters.
Honestly when I saw I could combine his body parts to make him look like a drawing of mine I was thrilled...
But you start playing and you don't stop especially cuz you are playing with people you know and you get to write them messages and tease them and this is fun!

Plus you get to be the center of the world and all your friends revolve around you. It's like this for all of us. I saw it when I logged in to Simona's computer and saw Mario's world.

You go visit friends and interact with them... but if they are playing they don't see you go to their house. Unless Pet Society sends you a message like: your friend came by and kissed you, would you like to see that sweet moment?
then you click on the message and you finally see someone in your house. While usually it's you going to see others.

Your pets get to change outfit, shop for furniture and food, redecorate the house, play with toys, eat, shower and race in a stadium. You walk around and shake trees to get some more money and it's fun! Simply cuz the design is nice and playful!

So don't join pet society if you want to have a life!!!! But do join please and leave your pet to my care so I can make money! Muahahahaha!


Kurachan said...

oh deda, io domani pm sono a romix, chissà se ti becco??

Deda said...

sto aspettando la chiamata dell'editore per sapere come e quando vado! ^^"