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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Shopping and presents.
These are a few of the things I got while in San francisco... which I either bought or got as presents.

Osamut Tezuka @ Asian Art Museum t- shirt

Back.... and front.

had this cool other shirt with an Atom hologram on it, but it costed 60 dollars and honestly i wasn't sure how to wash it... so I settled for this one which shall always remind me of the nice show as well.
Then i turn around and see tons of bags with the holograms... but I don't like the art... until I see this one.

Which is just my type of bag.... with an hologram!!!

As you can see, depending on how you look at it you manage to see the inside body parts of Atom.

it's awesome!

The bag is pretty big too. I used it to carry the rest of the presents back home as carry on luggage.


My friend Maurizio decided to buy me the catalogue to the art show... as a Birthday present. It was very nice of him... a poster of the exhibit came with this catalog as well.
It is a very nice book, actually, not only contains reproduction of about 80% of the art seen in the museum but it was filled with quotations of Tezuka's thoughts about his works and nice essays about his manga and his works.

I am very well known for my love and adoration for Goofy.
So since I manifested the intention to go toy shopping and before I could even think "kyaah goofy!" my friend Nat had already bought this nice figure from Kingdom Hearts I (I think) of Goofy for me.

It is the biggest toy I got in this trip. I love the square enix look about him.

Then on saturday I finally decided to go toy shopping and did not resist the allure of Clement street and his little asian shops.
In my favorite store "the super hero" store...
I found these guys waiting for me.

I love this store because it has very unusual toys, including the Mimo or the Jimmy Liao ones... tons of rements and other godzilla and giant robots ones... not to mention bruce lee!

They're as cute as a button.

They did cost about 16 dollars each!!!

Totally worth it though. We are talking about Shiro Nakano's design for Tezuka Moderno!

It's a gorgeous looking line of products.

C & C Central

Is a big comicbook store on Geary blvd and 18th ave.

This is where I found my nephew's present... an Astroboy figure which I hope he will cherish....
and this one here.
I just loved his face.

He looked adorable and smells like nice pvc rubber too.
Like those rubber ducks you use to take a bath.

It had to be mine.

At the same store, where I could not find any interesting gashapon... I did find pinkys. One is a sitting yuakata repaint... the other one is Caine, one of the range murata designs for this series of dolls.

It must be the eyepatch that got me.

back on clerment street we went to Genki, which is a candy store so... it has to sell candy toys.... and got this nice Astroboy keychain.... look carefully, it turns on and off.

the wallet is a present from my friend grace lelo!
It has a little coin purse inside that can be removed and be used as a separate item.
I spent like a little fortune in candies and cookies in there and bought a few "surprise" candy toys on which I am working right now (well some of 'em are danglers!^^")

Lastly we went also to Tokio

I had no idea what this was so I bought it.
It was only 5 bucks... there were others like Futur boy conan or other classics....

Haikarasan is THE best!
Turns out there's a mini disc inside... with a printed design like an old LP.
It's a cd with and old 70's melodramatic song that is actually Haikarasan ga tooru's original OP!
La sigla giapponeseee!
it's like a set of 12 cd's 2 of which are secrets!

Candy toys!!!

Mini rufy!

then I put this one together... just to realize... isn't she the same fase as the green robot girl I already own?
that is why I was drawn to it... XD

She was doing something "odd" with her arm (something vaguely nazi) so i decided to have her pet that little airplane thingy in front of her!

Then I placed her in a case with her green sister.

I also got a girl form the girls in uniform serie... she is exactly the one i wanted but when I opened the box... to my surprise I got some sort of special figure... of which i wasn't too happy about??? Oh noooo, she is supposed to wear a skirt!!! why is she wearing pants!!!!

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