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Monday, February 08, 2010


How would you like a nice slice of Sfincione?
This is the typical Sicilian pizza. It's taller, it's not made with white flour (OO),
and it has artichokes, onions, usually anchovies (but not on mine) and unsalted pecorino cheese, called Primo Sale, on it!

Or may I tempt you with some cannoli (one cannolo, two cannoli, cannoli is plural!)

Or would you like some Carciofi Apparecchiati (this is like a Caponata with artichokes instead of eggplants... sweet and sour tomato sauce, capers, celery, black olives and onions).

How about Anelletti al forno? It's like the Sicilian answer to lasagne and cannelloni!
You bake these too and add whatever you like as condiment... I like them with lots of cheese.

If you are in a hurry Pane e Panelle is for you!
Delicious seed corn flour bread with sesame seed, filled with salty pancakes made with chickpea's flour!

Very good, to be eaten hot!

My version of Risotto con cardi - they are thinking of giving the DOP (denominated original product) to the Sicilian Cardi (since they don't grow anywhere else it's a way of protecting them).
My version has real saffron in it.

This type of risotto calls for no whine in the making... wine would make a weird reaction with the cardi and the risotto would turn out to be sour.

Let's finish up with some dessert.
Chiacchiere (it's a typical deep fried cookie made for Carnevale/ Mardì gras).
Every Region adds typical/regional wine to the dough... of course, in Sicily, it would be Marsala wine!

Don't you feel a little fatter by looking at these? XD

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