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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Every once in a while Rome is not a small collection of towns and you can find something of the Metropolitan feel to it.
After being two months away from home, stranded and making the best of it - anyway - I finally returned to find out my bookstore had sold the book I had ordered for myself (and maybe it wasn't a bad thing, after all) and that somehow after 2 years of email to the City Hall somebody finally realized: ehi, maybe we should resuscitate the Carnevale Romano in some way.
So, be prepared... I am going to see the exhibit on that next and tonight there will be Angelo Branduardi singing in Piazza del Popolo - but I cannot go... for at my return I found out my dad har broken his knee and we are doing all sort of medical test right now.
The Alexander Calder exhibit was marvelous.
I had seen one in Paris last June... by chance! I didn't know they had it at the Pompidou and actually the Pompidou was one place I so wanted to visit that I forced my friend to go, almost.
In the end she fell head over heels in love with Calder and she was the one to tell me...: you know the exhibit is still on until February 17th, shall we go?
But you could not take pictures inside the Palace, although no signs stated so è_é and I wish they'd tell me first when I ask, instead of yelling at me after I take my camera out! PUT A SIGN ON THE DOOR, DAMMIT!
Ah, how nice it was! From his mobiles, to the stabiles, to the wire sculpture and even the toys he used to build when he was a child.
Definitely when you see Calder's mobile you see the stuff life is made of!
He said the object move leaving a tail of energy behind. Yes, life is made of energy and energy transform in other types of energies and life moves and because we move with it the World spins!
Simple eh? Yes, but nobody stops to think at simple things!

Ever since I saw the news talk about my favorite restaurant in Rome.... while I was away from home (it was fun to jump on the chair and yell: it's sushisen! That's Kuni-kun!)... ever since I've been dying to go back there and get some mochi.
This one was my friend's lunch... some dragon roll with salmon (which is her favorite)...
I thought the plate was so pretty with all the Celadon Green that
made the orange stand out so nicely!

But my mochi was the best!
Ah, I love it when it's nice and warm and it melts in your mouth without gettin stuck on your palate!
Once my dad's get better and all the health problems in my family are solved... I want to take my mom and dad there and have a big meal with them and celebrate before I took off - If I do take off.
Like a "sail away party"... it must be like the 20th one! Hahahahhaha.

I took this picture for my dad... because he was one of them.
I think it's nice to see our historical uniform go around like that... they should do that more often to remind us of tradition.
Policemen and Carabinieri aren't loved in my Country.
Fact is, right now, they can be thick-headed at times and still they have an easier life compared to when my dad was one of them - and he is paying in health the toll for that!
But you know... the uniform they wear, I have it at home (it's my size too and I wore it once, before they introduced the women Carabinieri)... and I have that hat... it's called Lantern and the feathers on top which is called Pennacchio (plume). But I don't have the sword anymore, they took it back when my dad retired and gave him a main gauche instead... it's not as nice. My dad's sword had a light wooden handle, it was heavy, but it wasn't sharp, it was shiny and it would reflect my face like a mirror.
So when your dad has a cape and a sword and a wonderful hat with feathers... is no wonder that a girl grows up reading adventure books with heroes with sword, right?

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