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Saturday, February 06, 2010

No education? No party!

I opened an album on Facebook to show all the things that truly don't work in my Country... it's called La terra dei cachi (I borrowed the name of a famous song by Elio e le storie tese band - which makes a wonderful portait of what we are supposed to endure every single friggin' day, here, in Italy!)

But now when something works well... you ought to talk about that too and in details!

This is the case as reported by The Guardian. What a nice little fact, eh?
What the judge sentenced, though, has no precedents and will sure help women in the future: outstanding example of Justice (with a capital J)!

Things have a value and things have a price. How long has it been since people have stopped thinking about the value to focus on price? This example was given from parents... to think about the price and status symbol. It all started with an old generation, coming out of the war, that said: I will give my children what I didn't have. My great grandpa used to say: this is what ruined us all!

But once the first generation had had, grew up... and turned 50... what did it have to give to its kids? Only materialistic thoughts: you want this, you buy it. Here's the money. I am too busy, I am working, be patient. Take this money, go buy a toy and be quiet.

People don't realize that, once they have kids, their own life has to fade and tuck behind a bit and it's not the focus anymore. You focus on rising your children or you don't have children. Children have to be the center of the Universe! They are the future (if you gave them one)! If you want to live a free life you don't give birth... they'll be unhappy in your shadow, because you come first!
Parenting is about sacrifices... children see and understand sacrifices and return the favor when you are old: you changed my diapers and I'll change yours.

I always thought this was automatic.

So if you are a parent and have to choose the kind of quality time to spend with your kids... first of all you don't let other THINGS raise them for you: from the TV they pass on the Internet...
and don't give them things that are not naturally in their target: a cellphone when they are 8 years old... a scooter when they are 14...
I think you have problems with the range.
And most of all you don't remember about them when you want to play, have fun or show them around like medals!

You treat them like people and they will do the same with others!

When these kids acted again the girl (she is 12)... they used her as a tool. All they said to the judge was told in a calm voice, and not a single one of them ever gave proof of the fact that they knew that she was a human being.
No tears, no lamentation, no pain would stop them.

Is it because they don't know these emotions?

That's what's been punished, the lack of emotions... but the parents were punished and they deserved it and particularly just was the idea to punish the separated fathers who think that paying alimony is enough to raise a child.

Only one question remains: in the end, were the kids punished? Did they learn the lesson? Did they truly understand what was wrong about the act?

They don't they care for the money, it's something that came easily in their pockets and never had to earn it. I don't think they care for the shame. They don't care for their parents most of all - one might think "if I do this, what will my mom think of me?" but no...

Only when the judge made them think about the consequences their acts will have on the girl... they had a glimpse of understanding (so the parents are at fault)... but are we sure they learned their lesson?

Who will teach them from now on?

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