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Monday, September 22, 2008

Grace in Pontecorvo

Some more pictures of Grace visiting.
Returning from Paris she managed to come to my farm house and spend a a nice realaxing sunday before she'd leave again for Venice... without me again.

Work keeps me here, unfortunately.
But still one day with Grace is work 100 without her, right?

As usual she go interested in her surroundings and started taking pictures.

Her favorite color combination showed up in nature: purple and green.

Then some food distracted her... for a short time.
Pete seems to be saying: Hey, save some for me.

Then she got back to taking pictures of Nature.
Our eyes caught so many weird looking things. We were following crickets and grasshoppers and all kinds of jumping and moving things.
She got more pictures on her cameras but these are the ones she took with mine.

Deda's Lamborghini...

...its fancy garage.

Some enlightened museum.

Some enlightened house.

The "oh, so pretty!" Serie:

If I remember correctly this one came with sound fx: teeteeteeeteeeh!

The "let's shoot everything that moves" serie - pictures by Grace and Deda...
I'm flyyyyyying!

No, you are on my car.

Excuse me... I am pooping, would you mind looking away?

I am a piece of grass... did I fool you?

I feel soooo zen.



Mario? O_O

And.... more pictures to come... when she returns from Venice!


Nat Loh said...

did you guys stay at the farm house?

Deda said...

only on sunday, for lunch.