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Monday, September 08, 2008


I am not a big dessert fan but I like pretty things... I don't like sweets very much but I sure am fashinated by the looks of pastries. They are colorful sculptures, halfway between toys and flowers... so they look natural, playful, they smell nice and are a product of an exact science.
I admire pastry chefs! I can cook but I cannot make desserts.

My favorite pastry shop is in Fondi. I tasted many desserts all over Italy and I have to say it is not because of habit that I like this shop the best but because it does not use too much sugar so I can enjoy a pastry or two every once in a while.
Their pastries never taste too much of lemon... you know how it is: too much lemon in a desserts is there to cover something that went wrong.

The other day I went there because my mom needed to bring some savory things to her job place to celebrate something. In the refrigerator, the one where they keep the cakes, I saw a tray of small mousses.
They all looked adorable.

I had been to a restaraunt not long ago where they served 3 different types of mousse at the end of the meal: they were disgusting!
Too much sugar... to much lemon... to much egg... not enough cocoa but lots of chocolate instead.

I got a lemon cream/berry one for my mom and a cocoa/hazelnut "italian kiss" flavor for myself.
Mine was nicer... almost no sugar in it.

Mousse is a good reward at the end of a tiring week.

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